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Hi! this is my site. I'm R. Nice to meet you. Think of this as a messy virtual bedroom, even though it doesn't look it at first glance (because I'm using a theme). There's clothes everywhere, I left a book about the Hundred Years War on the dressing table and the tv is on the stupidest show known to man. You can't see me, but somehow you can hear me talking to myself out loud.

Parts of the site may be in spanish (because that's my mother tongue) or in japanese (because that's the mother tongue of the person who designed the site and I'm afraid to delete something important).

I'm also on tumblr, because of course I am

Contents (work in progress)

  1. Blog: For longer entries. I just write about things I really like and want to share.
  2. Journal: Short entries, random thoughts.
  3. Mental Health: I'll try to link to some resources I have personally found useful. I've been diagnosed with [redacted for webmaster's privacy] and I'm working through it.
  4. Academia: I'm a history major. For future reference, this is the part that might be in spanish.
  5. About: If my hundred-word introduction to the blog wasn't enough.


theme is in japanese, this work never ends
gave up on authenticity and downloaded a theme